Activity areas of the complex

Huge capacities of the Terminal permit our customers to deploy not only facilities of cargo storage, but also many further extra services. We strive to provide the customer with comprehensive services and steadily expand the scope of our capacities.

As of the moment our warehouse complex provides the following services of storage and warehouse logistics:

  • Transport handling of goods and provision of warehouse services::
    • Packaging and palletising
    • Labelling/relabeling of goods
    • Assortment selection of goods for shipping
    • Arrangement of accompanying documents for the goods
    • Accounting, stock control, reports of goods flow.
  • Loading and unloading of palletised and non-palletised cargo by the means of modern equipment.
  • Safe storage and stocking within a fitted warehouse of total effective heated and unheated area 30 000 m2;
    • Shelf storage of palletised goods
    • On-floor storage of over-dimensional goods
  • Reception/dispatching of goods by railway
  • Arrangement of goods flow by FIFO or LIFO
  • Renting of real estate property