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About the complex


A warehouse complex in Golitsino has been represented at the market of services of safe storage and warehouse logistics for many years. Throughout the time of our operation we have proved ourselves as successful and reliable partner and are willing to start the new stages of development of our terminal with implementation of practical experience in regard of complex management and huge background at the market of logistic services.

The terminal is situated in the city of Golitsino merely “at a walking distance” in 25 kilometres from Moscow at the crossing of 4 modern federal speed highways –Minskoye highway, Mozhayskoye highway, Novorizhskoye highway and the Central circuit highway (“the concrete ring”). Location of our complex is extremely favourable, as these roots are the main traffic ways of supply of different commodities from Russian regions and Republic of Belarus to the Moscow region, as well as the cargoes from the customs stations at the western Russian border.

In the course of the years 2016-2017 the Central circuit highway must be launched. This highway is designed as a high-speed freeway for augmentation of freight traffic by-passing the capital. Operating at its full capacity, “the concrete ring” shall permit to connect different points of the Moscow region “around the capital” in a swift and accessible manner.

Access roads to the Terminal and the roads in its territory have asphalt covering, facilitating the access both for cargo and personal means of transport of our employees and customers.

As of the current moment the traffic flow of freight vehicles through the Terminal reaches 150 units or 3000 tons of cargo per day. The modern warehouse facilities, squares and high technology equipment permit us to deliver the whole range of services in the area of cargo logistics, including safe loading – unloading, stocking, safe storage of different types of cargo and much more. Perfectly trained personnel with the highest level of expertise shall formalize accompanying documents of any complexity.

Owing to the utmost quality of our services, having once entrusted receipt and storage of cargoes to our enterprise, most customers take further decision to conclude a long-term agreement and cooperate with us on a permanent basis.


Актуальные предложения

Открытая площадка (1-6)

План комплекса

Общая площадь земельного участка составляет 22 га. Территория комплекса автономна, огорожена бетонным забором и находится под круглосуточной охраной и видеонаблюдением. На центральный пост охраны выведены мониторы систем пожарной безопасности и видеонаблюдения, что позволяет круглосуточно и ежесекундно отслеживать ситуацию на Терминале.

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Нашими услугами пользуются многие крупные международные компании, предприятия малого и среднего бизнеса.
Благодаря высочайшим техническим стандартам, а также индивидуальному подходу к каждому клиенту, мы, ориентируясь на долгосрочное сотрудничество, реализуем комплексное решение любых клиентских задач.

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